Our impact

A growing body of research finds that consumers increasingly want companies and brands to acknowledge and address their corporate environmental impact, and ⅔ are willing to spend more and prioritize those who do.

A company’s stance and action on social and environmental issues is under scrutiny as they attract and retain talent, are judged on their relevance and innovation, and compete in a market that’s seeing more and more corporate giants take big, public steps towards more sustainable operations.


Coffee for good

Black Crow Coffee is the first zero waste certified coffee shop in Florida. Through simple switches, redesigning their waste streams, and ongoing education, it was exciting to coach this committed crew. It took 6 months to go from only 26% waste diversion rate to 90%. That means 90% of their waste is now kept out of the trash through recycling, composting, and source reduction.

The shop moved to all compostables and reusables for their customers, providing incentives for customers bringing their own reusables. Simple switches like reusing the towels, and moving bins saves money and the environment.

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Closing the Loop

A Simpler Place Farm & Market was founded on the idea of promoting local and organic foods. While an important piece of the local sustainability engine, there was room for improvement within their farm store in terms of single use plastics, composting, and recycling right.

Small changes add up to a lot over time. By partnering with a local composting company, they are able to turn several tons of food waste back into food each year.

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