Shift Co. will help your team define your sustainability goals and establish baseline perceptions about your sustainability values. We will tailor a custom road map that meets your specific needs.

We often recommend a waste audit to establish a baseline diversion rate. Far beyond a visual audit, this is a physical audit where we sort out what can be diverted through composting, recycling, reduction, and reuse. This is a necessary step for tracking progress down the line. From there, we’re able to effectively communicate to your audience what impact you’re having, and the progress you’ve made.

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Education & Training

We’re running out of room at the landfill and recycling isn’t the magic fix it’s made out to be. We all have an individual and corporate responsibility to do something about this and try to stop it.

We are constantly inspired by the power of an individual to create change. It’s incredible to see what an impact a group of individuals can have when they come together towards a common cause. From lunch and learns, to interactive waste audits, we help create the culture shift your organization has been waiting for.

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Large companies and visible brands are poised to model solutions to the problems we’re facing. Just as we’re already seeing some of the impacts of climate change, so too are we already seeing people stepping up to the plate to model some of the large, sweeping changes necessary to combat this situation.

The right certification clearly and concisely tells your audience what you stand for. That audience may be your employees, for purposes of recruitment and retention. Perhaps it’s to cut across the noise to potential customers, signaling your shared values. Some of the certifications we support are: B-corp, Zero Waste, and Ocean-friendly.

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Waste Management

It’s expensive to be trashy. We make it easy to roll out an effective waste management program that keeps valuable resources out of the landfill. Through design, education, and quarterly feedback, you’ll reap the rewards of being good to the planet. Throwing things away is bad for the environment and your bottom line. Let us help you recycling right in this ever-evolving landscape of waste. Learn more —>